Sunday, July 21, 2013

Collaged Nuno Felt Scarf

I haven't posted in a while, but have been keeping busy.  I did a weaving demo at the Farmers Market in Perry, and did a sale at the Chalk Art Festival.  The weather has been brutally hot and humid for a while now which tends to rob you of your ambition.  I finally went down into the damp, musty, but cool basement and worked on a nuno felt piece.  When you have too many ideas and limited time it can be so difficult to decide where to start.  My usual process is to dump everything out of its bin onto the work table and start putting this with that.  After wasting an hour or two doing some planning, it is usually time to leave the basement and make dinner.  This scarf was laid out for several days before I was able to get back down and felt it.  It took quite a while to get it all to stay together and full.  The fabric started out as a silk chiffon skirt, cut on the bias, with a bias ruffle at the bottom in a coordinating color.  I cut it up, added some other bits and pieces and then started adding the wool.

 I added some silk roving and then put the wool over it.  The side facing down will be the front side of the scarf.
 All laid out and ready to felt.  I left the silk ruffle from the bottom of the skirt intact and used it to put a ruffled edge on the scarf.
 Finished product with an awesome vintage button and felted spiral loop fastener.