Thursday, July 17, 2014

Circular Sock Machine Success!

For the last two years I have been attempting to make socks on my antique Gearhart circular sock machine.  I joined a local group and go to the meetings but I just couldn't get the hang of it.  I seldom tried at home because it was just too frustrating.  Well, persistance paid off and I have finished two pair of socks.  They aren't perfect but they are good enough to give to friends!  This is the first pair, with the toes pinned together.  I have since learned how to do the Kitchener stitch and sewed the toes shut. This pair is for me.  The second pair is going to be a
Birthday gift for a friend.

In August there is a CSM Crank In.  Three days of sock making with all the helpful advice you could ever want.  I am signed up for two classes, lace making on the CSM, and mittens.   It is being held at a hotel about 20 minutes from home, how great is that?  It took ten years to find a sock machine after falling in love with them at the Finger Lakes Fiber Arts Festival.   Hard to believe but I found one in a box at a yard sale,  then I found a second one at a little thrift shop.  I would never knit socks by hand, but I love using the antique machine.

Finished Sweater

Well, here it is, the finished sweater.  I can fit myself and one other person inside, but I am going to wear it anyway.  I really like the purple stripes, it may have been too boring without them.  I lost the chip for my camera with all my pictures on it, but it magically reappeared a few days ago.  (That is my excuse for not posting on this blog for months.) I really love the pattern, but if I made it again it wouldn't  be quite so wide.  One size doesn't really fit all.