Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sweater progress, or not?

I have been working on my sweater, but it has become evident that there will not be enough yarn.  In my stash of fibers was this purple carded Romney, same fleece, prepared differently.  I had dyed it and then carded it on a drum carder.  Last fall I bought some wool combs and  pulling the carded wool through the combs removed most of the yucky bits that the drum carder doesn't remove. 

I like the two colors together so adding some asymetrical stripes to the front of the sweater may be a successful plan B.  The pattern is a cardigan done in one piece, starting at lower back, so I won't have to tink or frog, just start knitting stripes. 

Since  originally purchasing the Romney fleece several years ago, I have learned so much about preparing fiber.  If I had flicked the ends of the staples before putting them through the carder, it would have removed all the short bits and bobs that make pills and slubs in your handspun yarn.  While spinning the purple I kept plucking out anything bumpy so the singles are looking good.  I am almost done spinning, hopefully there will be enough yardage to finish the sweater without having to add another color.