Thursday, April 25, 2013

New Items for Mayday Underground

 Here are a few pics of some of the items I finished this week in time for Mayday.  The necklace is a little sterling silver and mother of pearl guitar that I found at the Bouckeville Antique Sale last summer.  The chain is silver and includes mop beads and blue kyanite. 

The shawl in the center is made with hand dyed yarn by my friend Sarah at Propanicus Moon.  She also designed the pattern called The Nearly Mindless Shawl.  It must be nearly mindless if I can pull it off.  I am not the worlds most focused knitter, the pattern is available on Ravelry.

The third piece is a nuno felt scarf.  I was doing a little experimentation, trying to add three dimensional forms to the surface.  I ended up with this funky flowered thing.  I added lots of seed beads to the centers of the flowers to give it a little bling. 

Mayday Underground Show

This is the postcard for the upcoming Mayday Underground Show in Rochester.  In the top right corner is a photo of my handwoven tencel scarf.  The show is April 27th at the Village Gate Atrium.  I have made a lot of new things for the show, and the weather is looking good.  I always have a great time at these shows, unique items and friendly vendors.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Beaded Necklace

I I finished this necklace today. I have been thinking about it and dreading it for a long time. There was a lot of do-over, this being my most complicated piece to date. The chalcedony briolettes have been hanging around for a while and this necklace design seemed just the thing. The red beads are garnets and they really warm up the piece. I will put it out for sale at the Mayday Underground Show next Saturday, but  have no idea how to price it.  You can't factor pain and suffering into the final price.

Nuno Felt Salvage

I was attempting to make a nuno felt spiral scarf, but I goofed and went around too many times and ended up with a ten foot long scarf. Pretty, but who wants to wrap a scarf around their neck five or six times. Today I cut it in half and stitched it back together with some beads as the point of attachment. I think it is salvaged, but sometimes happy accidents are a whole lot more work than doing it right the first time. The pictures show the ice dyed silk, the scarf at 10' and the finished product.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Tri Loom Capelet

I recently purchased a 3' Tri Loom. I have a seven foot tri loom that I use often, but wanted a smaller one that would weave up more quickly. I can weave one of these three footers in a day, but fringing adds quite a bit of time. This little shawl is all done in neutral colors and loosely woven for summer weight. The pink color isn't quite that pink in real life, it didn't appear pink at all before I wove it in, it turned pink in relation to the other neutrals. The shawl wove up quickly using a twill weave, but then I decided to do a knotted fringe. What was I thinking??? It took longer to attach the fringe and tie all these knots than it took to weave the shawl. Not that I am unhappy with the result, but may think long and hard before doing this again. The little shawl pin is made from a vintage mother of pearl belt buckle.   I sawed the bar out of the center, sanded the edges, and made a little pin to hold it.  This probably won't make it to the etsy store yet, the Mayday Underground Show is less than two weeks away and I may not take the time to do the listing until after the show. I like these little capelets, but now I want a 5' tri loom, too!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Change of Venue

Posterous is shutting down soon so my blog is now here on Blogger. I moved some of my old posts over here, but ditched quite a few. I think this new format is easier for me to understand and I am happy to be here.