Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Tri Loom Capelet

I recently purchased a 3' Tri Loom. I have a seven foot tri loom that I use often, but wanted a smaller one that would weave up more quickly. I can weave one of these three footers in a day, but fringing adds quite a bit of time. This little shawl is all done in neutral colors and loosely woven for summer weight. The pink color isn't quite that pink in real life, it didn't appear pink at all before I wove it in, it turned pink in relation to the other neutrals. The shawl wove up quickly using a twill weave, but then I decided to do a knotted fringe. What was I thinking??? It took longer to attach the fringe and tie all these knots than it took to weave the shawl. Not that I am unhappy with the result, but may think long and hard before doing this again. The little shawl pin is made from a vintage mother of pearl belt buckle.   I sawed the bar out of the center, sanded the edges, and made a little pin to hold it.  This probably won't make it to the etsy store yet, the Mayday Underground Show is less than two weeks away and I may not take the time to do the listing until after the show. I like these little capelets, but now I want a 5' tri loom, too!

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