Friday, February 20, 2015

Wet Kitten Handwarmers and Wrap

This is a wrap I completed recently.  I purchased some lovely merino silk super wash singles yarn called Aria from  Propanicus Moon  It is hand dyed by Sarah in her Wet Kitten Colorway.  I used a double strand to weave this wrap on my 3 ft triangle loom, then added leno strips in the back for texture.

I crocheted the top edge of the shawl as I removed it from the loom, then crocheted around the perimeter with single crochet, then a row of double crochet on the sides.  Using a circular knitting needle I picked up and knit on the sides using the border from the Nearly Mindless Shawl that Sarah at Propanicus Moon designed, finishing up with a picot bind off.  After blocking, the border looks great.
There was quite a bit of yarn left so my thought was to make some fingerless mitts to go with the wrap.  I searched ravelry for the perfect pattern and tried to knit some simple mitts.  After about 5 frogs I threw in the towel, and looked for a simple crochet pattern.  I found the perfect pattern,  Season's Change Fingerless Mitts by Deborah L. Berger on Ravelry 

Not being the most experienced crocheter, it took a few tries to get two mitts the same size.  I kept holding the yarn tighter and tighter.  After four tries there were two that were almost the same.  Due to lack of perfection I am including them with the wrap which is for sale on my Etsy Shop shop.  The mismatched pair is for me, and I love them!

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