Sunday, March 10, 2013

Block Twill Scarf in Progress

These are pictures of the block twill scarf that I am currently weaving. The warp is a black 8/2 tencel and the weft is Noro Kirameki, a rayon, nylon, wool, and cashmere blend. It is 60% rayon so it should have a beautiful drape and sheen when I wash and press it. I am trying to finish weaving today so I can have it ready for the MayDay Underground Sale I am doing on Saturday. It is an easy treadling pattern and to keep everything uniform I made a little template so I don't have to count all my picks. The yarn is thick and thin so a little variation in the size of the blocks is to be expected. I used a draft from Handwoven Magazine, Sept/Oct 09, by Pattie Graver as a jumping off place. I changed the yarns, the size, and the spacing of the blocks, but her beautiful scarves were the inspiration for this design.

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