Monday, March 11, 2013

People's Choice Award

I just looked at the Website for the Weavers Guild of Rochester and found out that the Overshot Throw I had put in the 65th Anniversary Guild Exhibit won the People's Choice Award.  I was so surprised to find out.  I am still in AZ and had someone pick up my pieces for me when they took the show down.  The guild is also printing a book of the exhibit which will include a photo of my throw as well as the draft, if I ever get it written down correctly.  Here is a link to the page on the guild website.   The first piece pictured on this page is a huge overshot bedspread by  Helen Jarvis, my teacher and the woman who literally wrote the book on Overshot.


The second piece on the page is mine.  You can see pictures of the overshot weaving in progress in earlier posts on my blog.

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