Sunday, March 10, 2013

Thick n' Thin Knitted Shawl

Last year I saw the most beautiful wrap at the New York State Sheep and Wool Festival. The woman wearing it said she had knitted it with a fine mohair and a thick and thin yarn. My interpretation came out so beautiful and soft I am sorry to even list it on my etsy shop.  The process started with ordering some size 17 circular needles on line. They were cheap and the ends kept falling out, but a little glue fixed that.  The fine yarn was difficult to slide on and off the thick part of the needles so I looked for some double pointed needles in a size 17, with no luck.   Some dowels from the hardware store with points formed on a belt sander worked out fine.   Hand sanding with extra fine emery paper ensured that they didn't catch on the soft and fuzzy yarn. They were way too long and awkward to use, but I muddled through. Another pair in a shorter size will make it easier to knit this wrap again. It is knit in a simple stockinette stitch but because you carry the heavier yarn up the side you have to slide the work to one end or the other to pick up the right yarn. So sometimes you knit or purl two rows instead of alternating each row. I soaked the finished wrap in Eucalon, spun it out in the washing machine, and dried it flat.  The wrap came out perfectly. It is super soft and only weighs a little over two ounces.  Like a spider web around your shoulders.

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