Friday, March 8, 2013


I have a big garden and it takes up a lot of my time in the summer.  I keep trying to streamline things, and I think it is getting easier to maintain, but then I go and buy another plant or two, then I have to dig up another spot because I don't have enough room in the existing beds.  I am battling rabbits this year.  Little rabbits who can fit through the spaces in the fence.  In years past it was woodchucks, they can demolish your garden overnight, at least the rabbits just nibble.  I think of my veggie garden as the all night bunny buffet.  Between us and our neighbors, we have removed at least 20 woodchucks from our yards in the last three years.  I have been photographing my flowers this year and I am really learning to love my little digital camera.  Yesterday I tried to find a new battery for it, and found out it is already obsolete.  Just when I was really getting comfortable with it.  Figures.  I will try to get a battery on line somewhere.

Here are  a few of my favorite pictures so far.


We are bad about keeping the door closed, we like the dogs to be able to go in and out, so I have had three birds in the house this summer already.  Two were fine, but one came in the basement window when I was at work and the dogs did a number on it



In years past we had quite a few bats in the house,  finally figured out they were coming down from the attic underneath the door in the upstairs bathroom.  I was in the shower one night and heard scratching sounds.  I looked out and saw furry little bat fingers coming under the door.  We put a strip on the back of the door and haven't had a bat since.  We still keep the butterfly net handy, just in case!  Nothing like a bat circling in your bedroom in the middle of the night and not having any way to catch it.  We always let them go outside, but undoubtedly they just come back in.  I have no idea how they get in the attic, but as long as they stay up there I am ok with it.

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