Friday, March 8, 2013

Overshot Throw

I had a lot of problems getting started with this overshot throw. First my pattern weft was too thin, so I tore it out and ordered another cone and doubled it. Then I started in the wrong place because my pattern paper was folded up, so I tore it out again and started over, then I noticed a small threading error on one side so I tore it out again. Then I started over with different yarn because I just wasn't sure I had enough of the first. I bubbled the weft too much so I tore that out. ARGHHH. Finally it is going ok. I am almost half done and aside from a few other problems that are manageable it looks pretty good. I have a float, but that can be fixed with a darning needle later. The first picture is the first attempt with the thinner yarn, the second picture is the color I am using now. Jaggerspun Heather Periwinkle. The tabby weft is a very light shade of periwinkle in 16/2 cotton, this gives it a softer look than a plain tabby weft.

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