Sunday, March 10, 2013

On Vacation in Utah

I am on vacation in the beautiful southwest. I flew into Phoenix, picked up my Grandson, and drove to Kanab, Utah to attend a wedding. After stopping at Rock Springs Cafe, just north of Phoenix, for some of their world famous pie, we spent the first night in a funky old hostel in Flagstaff, interesting experience, super friendly people, minimal accommodations! A different experience, but not fabulous. We drove up to Kanab through northern AZ, through the Painted Desert, the Navajo/Dine Reservation and the Kaibab and Coconino National Forests. This has to be one of the most visually stunning drives in the whole southwest.
The wedding and reception were so nice, and the food (cooked by family members) was excellent. On Sunday morning the grandson and I took off for Zion National Park. The scenery en route to the park is breathtaking, rock formations that are constantly evolving in shape and color. We were both blown away by Zion, I have seen pictures but until you actually stand there completely surrounded by those towering walls of color and texture you can't even imagine the intensity of the experience. We hiked and collected rocks and samples of colored sand, and completely wore ourselves out. We saw mule deer, bighorn sheep, and buffalo. We had planned to head back to Flagstaff, but decided to stay the night in Kanab, granny being too tired to drive very far. A grandson pleasing dinner at McDonalds capped off the day. Tomorrow we head back to Phoenix hoping to include some type of rock climbing activity along the way.

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