Sunday, March 10, 2013

Second Overshot Throw

I finally finished the second coverlet, that warp has been on the loom a long time!  I wove this one with Jaggerspun Heather in 3/8 Amethyst used doubled.   The first one was heather in 2/8 used doubled and when I ordered the wool for the second one I accidentally ordered the 3/8 by mistake.  I had so much of the first yarn left I only ordered one cone of the Amethyst and about halfway through when I was running out of yarn I realized my mistake.  I called Jaggerspun and luckily they had plenty more of the same dyelot.  What a relief that was!  I had the yarn in a few days.  
When I originally wound the warp onto the loom the paper wasn't wrapped evenly underneath.  I had a multitude of problems with tension on the first throw and had to stuff all kinds of stuff under the cloth and the warp to keep the tension even.  So before I even started weaving the second piece, I pulled all the warp forward through the heddles and reed and then wound it all back on correctly.  It took about three hours to pull it all back to the front because of the tangling behind the heddles as I pulled it forward.  I took my time and just kept moving it gently and untangling as  I went.  I didn't break a single thread, a minor miracle.  I wove the entire piece without breaking any warp threads either.  I have been weaving for almost ten years so it is nice that one of those beginner problems seems to have gone away.  Knock on wood.   
The only mistake I seem to have made, (that I have found so far)  is that one leno strip is wider than the other.  ARGHHH   No way to fix that now, but errors that scream at me are often barely noticed by anyone else, other weavers excluded.   This coverlet is going to Rochester tomorrow hopefully to be juried into  Fools for Fiber, The Weaver's Guild of Rochester 65th Anniversary Exhibit, at the Arts and Cultural Council.  This exhibit will display the best the guild has to offer and if you are a fiber person be sure to check it out.  All types of fiber manipulation are included so there is sure to be lots of interesting items, not just wearables.


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