Sunday, March 10, 2013

Weaving at the Farmers Market

I was asked to demonstrate weaving at the Perry Farmers Market this summer. The small structo looms that I have don't do very nice weaving with fine threads so I set it up to weave a warp rep pattern in a rag rug technique that was published in Handwoven Magazine. The warp is about 5 yards long in blue, magenta, and yellow, reflecting  the colors in the weft cloth that I cut into strips and sewed together. It was easy for kids to weave with the big stick shuttle and they always enjoy the beating part. The weaving came out great and made up into a really nice tote bag. There is enough warp left on the loom to weave several more. The bag is listed on my etsy store, it feels good to have a new handwoven item in the shop, seems like I have been slacking...

I took a few pictures of some young weavers, and the finished bag

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