Friday, March 8, 2013

Ruby Leslie Workshop

A few months ago I took a workshop with Ruby Leslie of Ruby Charuby. The topic was the 2D's of 3D, Deflection, Differential Shrinkage, and Doubleweave. It was a round robin workshop with everyone having to set up a loom with a particular structure with a warp provided by Ruby. She communicated with all the participants prior to the workshop to determine skill level and what type of loom each of us would be using. The worst part of the whole round robin thing is getting familiar with a multitude of different looms. It was slow going on some, frustratingly slow, but a nice opportunity to see what type of loom you never want to buy. I managed to make it through all the samples, but just barely. Ruby brought great printed materials and also sleeves for us to put all our samples in. We photocopied all the samples before we washed them so the photos I am posting here are of the photocopy with the actual sample after washing and shrinking. It was a terrific workshop that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to anyone interested in this type of weave structure.  Ruby is generous with her drafts but asked us to please not use her colorways without giving her credit. Flat Stanley was visiting me from my grandson's elementary school in Arizona, so I asked Ruby to pose with me for a picture.

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