Sunday, March 10, 2013

Flea Market Finds


Last Sunday I went to the local flea market with my friend Pam. We spent nearly 4 hours digging through boxes of treasure and looking for pieces and parts to create with. A fellow Etsy artist Francesca De Caire was selling her beautiful lampwork beads. It was so hard to decide between all the choices, there were so many gorgeous beads, and so many different types and colors. I couldn't resist an amber colored bead with blue flowers, and I also bought some simple amber beads to go with it. I was so inspired by the bead that I have already made a necklace. I purchased several other beads and I look forward to making something with them soon. I also bought lots of funky little bits of stuff to put in my quickly filling up drawers. I should spend more time making and less time buying! On the other hand, if I didn't have a stash I wouldn't have been able to put together this necklace with all these other beads. I find inspiration in all the bits and bobs that I bring home, and I work better when surrounded by a mess. Sometimes the chance juxtaposition of beads will bring an aha moment, and without that flash of inspiration it is really hard to get started.

Check out Francesca's Website at or her etsy shop at


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