Sunday, March 10, 2013

Latest Finished Projects

I recently finished weaving this beautiful scarf, and I am so pleased with it. Simple structure to weave with such an interesting look to it. I like the way the colors change without regard to the structure. I also made this nuno felt scarf with pod like dangles on the end, and my failed attempt at a carved felt bangle bracelet turned into this cute felted bead necklace. I sold the felt necklace at the Interlacements Exhibit that I curated so I am glad I took a picture of it, (even though it is a lousy picture) it has already gone to live in New Jersey! I did a sale last weekend called Mayday Underground and sold the pod scarf there. The woven  scarf is listed on my Etsy store, and I will be weaving another one in a different color way soon. I may play around with the size of the blocks on that one just to change it up a bit.

The little flower corsages are fun to make out of various scrap fabric. I never seem to have any little pick-up items that don't have a price that makes people say "I have to think about it" so I am trying to come up with a few things that won't break the budget.

The felt bead necklace with the complex beads is made out of the felted beads I made last summer. I almost made them into refrigerator magnets because they are so big, but after the other necklace sold I strung them up into this necklace and I actually like it, big beads and all! I wanted to replace the one that sold with something similar. These are so much fun to make I think I will be doing that again soon. My felting is on hold right now because with all the rain we have had my basement floor is pretty wet and I don't want to work in a puddle.

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